Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fashion Hurts

This entry is from my buddy in Oz, Dr. Joe Ierano.

How Fashion is Impacting our Chiropractic Health

We love our leg lengthening heels, slimming shapewear and on-trend shoulder bags, but are our fashion choices having a long-term impact on our health? RESCU caught up with leading chiropractor Dr Joseph Ierano to find out what we can do to limit the negative impacts of fashion on our chiropractic health so that we can be healthy and stylish at once.
RESCU: What kind of chiropractic problems have you seen women suffering from as a result of their fashion choices?
Dr Joseph Ierano: Some key problems include back, shoulder and neck pain, neck movement restriction, headaches, injuries and sprains, leg pain, ankle pain, muscle pain and fatigue.
RESCU: Are these short-term concerns or is fashion impacting our long-term health?
Dr Joseph Ierano: Most long term (chronic) problems stem from short (acute) term. Most chronic problems can be traced back to short term problems that were perhaps ignored. Ultimately if you have an acute issue get it sorted out before it makes long term problems of greater complexity and cost.
RESCU: What are the warning signs that restrictive clothing might be causing chiropractic problems?
Dr Joseph Ierano: Often there are none in the early stages as compensations occur in the neuro-muscular system. That is why people discover they have developed uneven shoulders and swaybacks over time, often suddenly or due to another awareness. Prevention is the best cure to get checked, at least, every 6 months like a dentist would check for cavities, chiropractors check your posture.
RESCU: If we love our shapewear, but don’t want to suffer from chiropractic problems, what strategies would you suggest to limit negative impacts?
Dr Joseph Ierano: Limit its use, just as you would only wear high heels for a few hours.
We say get fit, do core strength work, gentle sit ups and push ups, and also limit foods that encourage belly fat. A good nutritional counsellor can help with this including a chiropractor, naturopath or physician with knowledge on the topic. Tone up, don’t shape-wear up all the time.
RESCU: What action should we take if we suspect that we’re suffering from chiropractic problems as a result of our fashion choices?
Dr Joseph Ierano: Chiropractors are university trained first contact health professionals that can advise of any suspected issues needing treatment or monitoring. They are happy to offer advice, so call CAA in your state to find a chiropractor near you, or go to the national web site chiropractors.asn.au

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